Seeing first-hand and photographing two of Brad Heppner's architecture projects was an honor and privilege. Two things I learned immediately when working with Brad: 1) He is extremely passionate about what he does. 2) He cares deeply about his clients.

Quoting from his new website, "Founded in 2005, Bradley E. Heppner Architecture, LLC is known for producing works that are unique to each individual client. Working within a classical design process and calling upon successful works of the past, Brad’s studio contains a vast library of books and resources spanning four centuries which are frequently referenced for design precedents. In adapting the best practices from the past with the necessities of modern living, he employs a collaborative process to the design in which clients are directly involved. In doing so, Brad not only develops homes that are rooted in a traditional foundation, but also are clear reflections of their owners, and serve as legacies for future generations."

Please visit Brad's site - - to learn more about him, to view more of his stunning work, and to contact him about making your dream project become reality.